The signature Spotify Wrapped 2023 list is finally out. Arijit Singh secured the first spot for the most-streamed artist in India.

From BTS to BLACKPINK, it’s been revealed who’s dominating this year’s Spotify Wrapped rap list.

With 2023 coming to a close, the much-anticipated results of the year on Spotify Wrapped are now out. On Wednesday, November 29, the music streaming giant unveiled the artists who ruled the charts this year. While Taylor Swift asserted her dominance in the global artist category on the Wrapped list, BTS member Jungkook followed suit. The 26-year-old South Korean star secured a spot in the top 10 songs worldwide with his recent track “Seven (Feat. LattO).”

Jungkook, Jimin, and BLACKPINK reign on all charts

Several K-pop soloists and group activities made their mark on various charts. Fan-favorite BLACKPINK earned the title of the Most Streamed Girl Group of the Year. Meanwhile, BTS stood out as the most-streamed group on Spotify in 2023. BTS member Jimin was the most-streamed artist in South Korea on Spotify. Jungkook, in particular, achieved significant success on stage, emerging as the most-streamed artist in Thailand. After his big win, Jungkook took to social media to thank his fans, known as ARMYs.

Congrats to global chart-topping K-pop artists

Following the immediate announcement of Spotify Wrapped results, social media erupted with congratulations for K-pop fan-favorite artists. One fan wrote on Twitter, “When I say ‘Seven’ is an extraordinary song with amazing production and unbelievable vocals, it truly is. It’s well-deserved.” Another fan celebrated BLACKPINK’s achievement, saying, “Congratulations to #BLACKPINK for being crowned the most-streamed female group of 2023 for five consecutive years! #SpotifyWrapped.”

Yet another expressed admiration for BTS, stating, “As a representative of K-pop’s voice, I say there are some incredible songs in BLACKPINK like ‘As If It’s Your Last’ and ‘Playing with Fire,’ so it’s well-deserved.” Still, another fan extended congratulations to Jimin, saying, “Congrats to #JIMIN for being the most-streamed artist on Spotify in South Korea in 2023!”

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