The American rapper Snoop Dogg is finally giving up his smoking habit. The rapper and actor have long been known for his avid use of marijuana.

In his latest Instagram post, Snoop Dogg shared a picture and announced in the caption that he is “quitting smoking.” However, the internet is still skeptical about his commitment, as this isn’t the first time the rapper has made such an announcement. Some see it as a joke, while others view it as a stunt to promote his cannabis brand.

“After much thought and discussion with my family, I have decided to quit smoking. Please respect my privacy at this time,” Snoop Dogg wrote in his Instagram post on Thursday.

The 50-year-old marijuana enthusiast is also a significant player in the industry. With various food products and cannabis derivatives in his business portfolio, he made headlines at the 2021 MTV Movie Awards by smoking a joint on the red carpet. Once, he claimed to have smoked 81 joints in a day and asserted himself as the owner of a blunt roller.

Before this announcement, Snoop Dogg mentioned that becoming a grandfather has led him to reduce his smoking habit. According to an ANI report in March, he told the Daily Mail, “Becoming a grandfather has brought about many changes in me.”

The internet had varied reactions to Snoop Dogg’s announcement. Netizens expressed surprise, debating whether the announcement was genuine or a joke.

A comment on Snoop Dogg’s post read, “The man who rolled his own blunts is unemployed for life.”

“Was it hacked?” another user commented, finding it hard to believe in Snoop Dogg’s announcement.

Another user wrote, “All stoners say this at least once in their lives.”

One user compared the announcement to Forrest Gump’s decision to stop running, saying, “It feels like that moment when Forrest Gump suddenly stopped running. Turned and went home,” wrote an Instagram user.

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