On the inauguration day of Navi Mumbai Metro Line 1, spanning 11.1 kilometers from Belapur to Pendhar, commercial operations quietly commenced at 3 p.m. on November 17, excluding any official ceremony. Within the first five hours of service on its debut day, the Mahametro-managed line witnessed robust ridership, with over 5,000 passengers seen until 8 p.m. The last trip runs until 10 p.m.

Sidco’s Joint Managing Director, Rajesh Patil, commented, “The launch of Navi Mumbai Metro Line 1 from Belapur to Pendhar has started with tremendous enthusiasm and response from the people today. It will significantly contribute to fulfilling the dreams of the city’s residents.”

Aditi Padyar, a 25-year-old who previously served as the captain of Mumbai Monorail, made a transition to Navi Mumbai Metro, joining as a train captain. On the metro’s maiden voyage, she shared her seamless experience of operating the metro within the first five hours of service, witnessing the strong ridership of over 5,000 passengers until 8 p.m. She emphasized how this new endeavor will assist in realizing the aspirations of the city’s inhabitants.

The initial operation of Navi Mumbai Metro covered four stations on its launch day: Central Vihar, Central Park, Belapur, and Pendhar.

With a total of 20 drivers, including three women, now employed, metro services will be available from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., providing convenient options for commuters. During the launch day, three female drivers and one male driver initiated services from various stations at 3 p.m. Aditi Naik started operations from Central Vihar, while Aditi Padyar oversaw the metro’s operation from Belapur, with all four stations displaying the green flag simultaneously.

These drivers underwent an extensive four-week training program under the supervision of experts from Pune and Nagpur metropolitan areas. Mahametro officials stated that each Navi Mumbai Metro driver is responsible for the well-being of eight trips.

Mahametro, appointed by Sidco to operate Navi Mumbai Metro Line, has demonstrated successful management of metro services in Pune and Nagpur.

Aditi Padyar and Anikita Naik, previously associated with Mumbai’s transportation system, shared their experiences of change in Navi Mumbai Metro. They highlighted the efficient operation and adherence to automated train control systems from the Operations Control Center in Taloja.

According to Sidco, the train operated at a speed of 60-65 km/h, although the test speed of Navi Mumbai Metro is 90 km/h. Covering the 11.1 km distance from Belapur to Pendhar with 11 stations takes approximately 30 minutes. Currently, the elevated metro corridor offers services at intervals of every 15 minutes.

The fare for Navi Mumbai Metro ranges from Rs. 10 to Rs. 40 based on the distance determined by passengers.

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