Following a tough season, Kerala Blasters are getting ready for a comeback this year. Their playoff loss to Another FC is now etched in ISL history, primarily due to a controversial goal and the unforgettable walk-off incident with Ivan Vukomanovic.

But they’ve left all that in the past and are gearing up for a new try this year. The club has done an amazing job of assembling a good team, which includes significant players like Sahal Abdul Samad, while suffering some difficulties along the way. Their recent Durand Cup campaign was disappointing, with an early exit and other issues. However, they showed better form during the pre-season trip to the UAE.

On the other hand, Bengaluru FC has undergone significant changes in their team. Despite the disappointing end to the previous season, where they lost in both the ISL and Super Cup finals, there are some positives.

Their charismatic captain, Sunil Chhetri, will miss at least the first two games of the season, which could be a setback. Nonetheless, the Blues have depth and quality to defend Kerala Blasters, even without their recent Durand Cup campaign ending prematurely and other concerns.

The Kerala blasters .

Kerala Blasters FC started the Indian Super League (ISL) 2023 season on Thursday, September 21, with a 2-1 victory over Bengaluru FC at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Kochi. To avenge last season’s controversial loss in the South Indian derby, Kerala earned three points against a Bengaluru team without Sunil Chhetri.

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Keziah Veendorp’s stunning own goal gave Kerala the lead early in the second half, and star attacking midfielder and captain Adrian Luna added a fantastic solo goal to make it 2-0. They dominated possession and passing accuracy throughout the game and posed a late threat when Curtis Men scored in the 90th minute. However, Kerala’s strong defense held firm in extra time (7 minutes) to secure a deserved victory.

Kerala started without Rahul Kepi and Bryce Miranda, while Bengaluru missed Sunil Chhetri and Rohit Danu due to their involvement with the national team in the Asian Games 2023. They felt Chhetri’s absence in the first half, with only one shot on target.

After Veendorp’s own goal, Luna succeeded in saving an open goal. Gurpreet Singh Sandhu made a massive first-touch error with Luna’s goal, genuinely assisting the opposing captain. The goal came in the final phase when the previous season’s sensation, Shivashakti Narayanan, provided a surprising low cross from the left flank in the box, where the established striker calmly finished to silence the home fans.

The History Of Kerala Blasters.

Kerala Blasters FC, innovated on 27th May 2014, runs under Magnum Sports Private Limited, with industrialist Nimmagadda Prasad, film actor Chiranjeevi, Indian film patron Allu Arvind and Nikhil Bhardwaj asco-owners. The name Kerala Blasters is a homage to one of their formerco-owners, justice legend Sachin Tendulkar who was famously nicknamed the ‘ Master Blaster ’. The club’s totem, which depicts an giant holding a football in its box, denotes concinnity, power and pride. The giant is also representative of the state of Kerala.

As for the colours, the platoon’s primary tones are unheroic and blue which represent determination and faith. The Kerala Blasters are yet to win any crowns in the Indian Super League. still, the platoon is a three- time ISL finalist and has won the Kerala Premier League in 2019- 20. In one of theirpre-match conferences this time, Ivan Vukomanovic, Head Coach of the platoon, spoke about their desire to be in the playoffs and win glories. Vukomanovic is a Serbian professional football director who was instated as the platoon’s trainer in 2021 and will continue until 2025. His contract was renewed with the platoon in April 2022 for three times.

At the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Kochi, the Indian Super League 2023–24 season will begin on September 21 with Kerala Blasters taking on Bengaluru FC. The previous ISL meeting between the two teams had deteriorated into mayhem, with Kerala Blasters quitting the playoff game as a result of a dispute over a refereeing decision.

With eight victories in 15 games, Bengaluru FC has dominated the competition against its southern opponent. Kerala Blasters have struggled mightily to maintain a safe distance from the Blues, giving up 20 claims in the process. The two teams played three times in the last ISL season. Blasters won the first one, which was played at home, 3- 2, while Bengaluru won the other two, which were also played at home, 1- 0.

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