The Indian government has  instantly clarified that the  suspense of visa services” also applies to Canadian citizens in third countries.” In Delhi, a  prophet for the Ministry of External Affairs stated,” Our high commissions and consulates in Canada have  entered  pitfalls. This has disturbed their normal functioning system.”   They went on to emphasize that India desires  equality in politic  operations and politic strength between the two countries.   A many hours prior, Canada had  blazoned that it was reducing the number of its staff in India and mentioned that some diplomats had  entered  pitfalls on social media.

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Khalistani supporter Murder in Canada

According to a statement,” We’re taking  way to  insure our  minister’s safety is guaranteed given the current situation with rising pressures.”   Visa services for Canada in India will remain open.   Both countries have  major politic ties and much is at stake.   This  disagreement came to light on Monday when Canada linked the murder of separatist leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar to India, a Canadian citizen whose payoff outside a Sikh  tabernacle by two masked markswomen in British Columbia was declared a terrorist act by India in 2020.   India responded  explosively, saying Canada is trying to” mollify Khalistani terrorists and crazies” who have  set up  sanctum there.

The Indian government has  frequently  explosively replied to demands by Sikh secessionists in Western countries for Khalistan, or a separate Sikh  motherland.   On Thursday,  intelligencers pressed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on what  substantiation suggests India’s involvement in the murder.   He  prompted Indian authorities to  unite on the  disquisition, saying,” This was done extremely seriously.”  

An Indian Ministry of External Affairs  prophet said on Thursday that they hadn’t participated any specific information with India regarding Nijjar’s murder.   Arindam Bagchi said,” We’ve told the Canadian side that we’re ready to look into any specific information  handed by them.”” But so far, we haven’t  entered any specific information.”   Who was Canadian Sikh leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar?  The Khalistan movement in India was centered in the Sikh-  maturity Punjab state during the violent  insurrection of the 1980s.  

It was  severely suppressed and has since  veritably little presence in India, but it remains popular among some sections of the Sikh community in countries like Canada, Australia, and the UK.”

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