The Supreme Court was hearing a petition that demanded the Rajasthan government comply with the court’s orders to ban the use of fireworks containing barium salt and other polluting chemicals.

During the hearing, the court emphasized the need to impose restrictions on the use of firecrackers with polluting substances, reiterating that the court’s orders are mandatory across the entire country, not just limited to the Delhi-NCR region. They highlighted the importance of protecting the environment, stating that it’s everyone’s responsibility.

In 2021, the court had allowed the use of only green crackers and banned those containing barium salts. They also set specific time slots for bursting crackers during festivals.

The court stressed that it has issued various orders to mitigate air and noise pollution, indicating the responsibility of every state, including Rajasthan, to adhere to these directives during and after the festive season to reduce pollution.

Lawyers representing the petitioners highlighted increased air and noise pollution in Rajasthan during festivals and demanded instructions for the Udaipur administration due to the high number of weddings there.

The court dismissed the misconception that protecting the environment and putting a check on pollution is solely the duty of the court. They emphasized that it’s the duty of every individual to protect the environment.

The Supreme Court previously, during a hearing on a pollution petition in Delhi, remarked that the issue of poor air quality cannot be politicized and that deteriorating air quality is accountable for “murder” and a threat to people’s health.

So, to sum it up, the court emphasized the responsibility of each citizen to use fewer fireworks during Diwali, highlighted the decline in the use of firecrackers by children, and reiterated that protecting the environment and curbing pollution is not only the court’s responsibility but that of every individual.

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