Raj Kundra’s upcoming film UT 69 could be launched on November third. The trailer for U-Turn sixty nine become released on Wednesday. The film, wherein Raj plays the lead role, is based on his life. The trailer offers glimpses of Raj’s reviews in Mumbai’s Arthur Road Jail because of his alleged involvement inside the pornography case, which made headlines in 2021.

From being known as Shilpa Shetty’s husband to a Big Boss contestant, Raj has struggled inside the jail, continuously subjected to mockery by means of fellow inmates and police officers. The movie also suggests Raj facing a disaster similar to a fugitive at one factor in his appearing career. It even depicts an sudden friendship shaped by Raj within the prison.

In July 2021, Raj changed into arrested on fees of allegedly generating express motion pictures, and he become granted bail in September of the equal 12 months. He became charged below applicable sections of the Indian Penal Code, the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, and the Information Technology Act.

The movie’s producers stated that UT 69 sheds a satirical mild at the real-existence events during Raj Kundra’s days in Arthur Road Jail. He remembers this phase as one among his hardest times. The movie portrays this bankruptcy of his lifestyles and is based on a true story.

To watch the trailer of the movie click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WEQLd63Vr8&pp=ygUNdXQgNjkgdHJhaWxlcg%3D%3D

UT 69

About the Film: At the start of this month, Raj introduced the discharge date of his film UT 69 along with a promotional video, emphasizing that it’s primarily based on a true tale. There had been rumors that Farah Khan become directing it, but all through the trailer release event in Mumbai on Wednesday, it became clarified that the advertising movie director, Shahnavaz Ali, directed the project. The film is supported with the aid of AA Films, produced by S.V.S. Studios, and co-produced through The Bigger Picture Films.

For me, this is more than only a movie! Raj Kundra talked about his first film, saying, Although that is a sort of closure, via my eyes, you’ll see a tale approximately the lifestyles, friendship, and relationships within India’s maximum notorious detention center, also referred to as Arthur Road Jail.

UT 69 has generated sizeable buzz and curiosity a number of the audience. Raj Kundra’s real-lifestyles studies and the debate surrounding his arrest have piqued the interest of many. The film promises to offer an fascinating and dramatic portrayal of his time spent in Arthur Road Jail.

This movie marks a pivotal factor in Raj Kundra’s lifestyles and career. It is going beyond the headlines and social media debates, delving into the emotional and private aspects of his journey. As a self-made entrepreneur, Raj’s lifestyles story has been a rollercoaster experience, and "U-Turn sixty nine" is about to capture the highs and lows with a touch of satire.

The trailer launch event showcased the commitment and determination of the whole crew at the back of the movie. The help from famend manufacturers, talented actors, and the innovative direction of Shahnavaz Ali has certainly contributed to the anticipation surrounding "U-Turn 69."

The film goals to shed light at the human aspect of Raj Kundra, past the controversies and prison battles. It gives visitors a risk to witness the challenges he confronted and the relationships he formed in the course of his time in Arthur Road Jail. UT 69 guarantees to be a concept-frightening and engaging cinematic revel in, and its release is eagerly awaited via film fanatics and Raj Kundra’s followers alike.

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