EDITORS NOTE: Graphic content / A man carries away a Palestinian killed in an Israeli airstrike at the Erez crossing between Israel and the northern Gaza Strip, on October 7, 2023. - Palestinian militants have begun a "war" against Israel which they infiltrated by air, sea and land from the blockaded Gaza Strip, Israeli officials said, a major escalation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (Photo by BASHAR TALEB / AFP)

Jerusalem (AP) – Backed by a barrage of rockets, dozens of Hamas fighters entered the closed Gaza Strip and nearby Israeli cities Sunday during a major Jewish holiday, leaving dozens dead and captured them in a surprise attack. has carried out airstrikes in the country, with the prime minister saying the country is now at war with Hamas and vowing to exact “an unprecedented price”.

Israel war

In the surprise offensive, armed Hamas fighters entered 22 locations outside Gaza, including towns and other communities up to 15 miles (24 kilometers) from the Gaza border in some areas where they patrol for hours, and exchanged gunfire with civilians and soldiers fighting the Israeli army We were. The shelling continued even at night, with terrorists taking civilians and soldiers hostage in the two cities

Israel’s National Rescue Service reported that at least 200 people were killed and 1,100 injured, making it the deadliest attack in decades. The Palestinian health ministry said at least 198 people were killed and at least 1,610 wounded in the Israeli offensive in Gaza. Hamas fighters have taken an unknown number of civilians and soldiers hostage in Gaza, a very serious issue for Israel.

With Israel vowing further retaliation, the threat of escalation looms large. Previous clashes between Israel and the Hamas rulers in Gaza have resulted in massive deaths and destruction in Gaza and days of rocket attacks on Israeli cities Now the situation is perhaps more tense, as right-wing government has a security breach over its ongoing frustration with the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza’s border volatility Problem well

In a televised speech Sunday night, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the military would destroy Hamas’s power with all its might but warned the conflict would take time. “We will defeat them… and we will stand at great value,” he said.

Israeli airstrikes in Gaza intensified after the night’s events, destroying several residential buildings including a 14-story building with dozens of apartments and Hamas offices in central Gaza The Israeli military had issued earlier warnings and did not immediately report any casualties.

Soon after, Hamas rockets intensified in centra, targeting Tel Aviv and suburbs, wounding at least four people The Israeli military said Hamas fired more than 3,500 rockets throughout the day all.

Israelis marveled at the strength, courage and timing of the Sunday morning attack. Hamas fighters used grenades to breach the border barrier around the beaches, then crossed Israel on motorcycles, pickup trucks, paragliders and speedboats

Civilian bodies were found in some towns where they encountered the advancing gunmen. On a road outside Sderot, a lifeless Israeli woman lay in the front seat of her car in a pool of blood. At a bus shelter in one city, at least nine people stood on cots on the street, their bags still on the sidewalk. A screaming woman hugged the lifeless body under a blanket under the overturned motorcycle. Associated Press photos showed Hamas gunmen bringing the captured elderly Israeli woman back to Gaza in a golf cart, while another woman and two fighters were on a motorcycle

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In the midst of the Gaza crisis. In the images, we see Israeli military vehicles engaging militants as they race through the streets of Gaza. Hamas paramilitary leader Mohammed Deif said the attacks were in response to Israeli attacks on West Bank cities last year, violence over al-Aqsa – Jerusalem’s contested holy site, and ongoing harassment of Jews and between Palestinian communities and Temple Mount and settler development.

The situation has put pressure on the Israeli government, which criticizes Prime Minister Netanyahu and his administration for reacting aggressively to threats from inside Gaza Political commentators have criticized the government’s inability to anticipate and prevent a Hamas attack up at the edge of system and communication levels

Asked how effectively Hamas was able to infiltrate Israeli security, Israeli Defense Forces spokesman Lt. Col. Col. Richard Hicht replied, “That’s a good question.”

The kidnapping of Israeli civilians and soldiers is also a particularly sensitive issue for Israel, which has a history of unilaterally granting significant concessions in exchange for the release of civilians Hamas claims to Israel lots of troops into “security zones” and tunnels. The Israeli military has confirmed that some civilians were arrested, although no exact number has been released. If this claim is true, it could pave the way for closer negotiations, as Israel has a history of tolerance that resists bringing its citizens home

In addition to an unknown number of civilians, foreign workers were reportedly arrested. AP reporters found that four people were arrested, including two women from a kibbutz near Nahal Oz. A black jeep pulled up in Gaza, and when the back door opened, a young Israeli woman rolled over with her head bleeding and her hands tied behind her back A man grabbed her hair and pushed her into the back seat of the car. Thai and Filipino workers were among the hostages, Israeli television reported.

gaza under attaks in ramdan month in Gazit, North District, Israel

Kibbutz Nahal Oz, just 4 kilometers from Gaza, who hid in fear in their homes during the day, said they could hear constant gunfire during fighting

“Knowing that we have the Iron Dome and safe buildings, somehow we feel safe from the rocket. But knowing that terrorist elements roam our neighborhood is a different kind of fear,” aged Mirjam Reiznen 42, mother of three and volunteer firefighter Nahal Oz said .

Earlier, Netanyahu vowed that Hamas would “pay an unprecedented price.” One of the biggest questions at the moment is whether Israel, with more than 200,000 people crammed into Gaza, will launch a land invasion and whether this is an act

Spokesman Hidai Zilberman said the Israeli army was sending four battalions of tanks to the Gaza border, adding to the 31 battalions already in the area. Most of the population hid after dark when the electricity supply in Israel, which supplies electricity to nearly all areas in Gaza, was cut off.

Hamas said it was prepared for a protracted war. “We are prepared for all-out war, including all tactics,” Salah al-Arouri, deputy head of Hamas’ political bureau, told Al Jazeera TV. “We are prepared to do whatever is necessary to protect the dignity and freedom of our people.”

U.S. president Joe Biden condemned the “horrific” Hamas attack on Israel and assured Netanyahu that Israel had the “right to defend itself”. A White House statement said Saudi Arabia requests restraint on both sides as it holds talks with the United States to mediate and reach a compromise with Israel. The country had previously warned of the deteriorating situation in the area and the risk of “catastrophic humanitarian consequences”.

Lebanese militant group Hezbollah hailed the attack as a response to “Israeli propaganda.” The group claimed a role in activities with Hamas in Lebanon.

The attack comes amid divisions within Israel over Netanyahu’s proposed judicial reforms. Large-scale Israeli protests against the plans sent hundreds of thousands into the streets and led to reservists refusing their jobs – destabilizing the military’s readiness and raising concerns about how to deter the enemy.

Since Hamas took control of the territory in 2007, Gaza has been blockaded by Israel. Since then, the two sides have fought four major battles.”

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