The report arrived after a video of the AskDua session took place, where, Kane Williamson, KL Rahul, Shubman Gill, and Daryl Mitchell threw some questions at Dua Lipa.

Quick Bingo: Two names you never thought you’d read together in a sentence? Dua Lipa and Narendra Modi. And yet, it has happened. Albanian singer-songwriter will take the stage at the inauguration ceremony of the 2023 International Cricket Council (ICC) Men’s Cricket World Cup Finals at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

In a conversation with KL Rahul, Ken Williamson, and Shubman Gill, Dua Lipa revealed that her lucky number for her ideal jersey is 22 (KL’s number is 1). Her favorite songs for live performances include ‘Levitating,’ ‘Don’t Start Now,’ ‘Physical,’ ‘Pretty Please,’ and ‘Love Again.’ She will sing two songs, ‘Physical’ and ‘One Kiss,’ at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Cricket World Cup. Dua Lipa, known for her enchanting dance skills, generously shared dance-related tips with Daryl Mitchell, stating that every performance is better with fun.

Dua Lipa, who became a household name for anyone nursing a broken heart with her breakout hit ‘New Rules’ in 2017, quickly entered her disco era, breaking several records, including becoming the first female artist in Spotify history to reach 10 billion streams with multiple albums. The pop star also won a Grammy Award for her album ‘Future Nostalgia’ at the end of last year. Recently, she deleted all her posts on Instagram and teased the release of her latest single, ‘Houdini,’ proving that pop music is far from over.

As the World Cup final approaches, we are fully prepared to witness history unfold before our eyes. If India wins the final, it will be our third victory in the One Day International World Cup (the first victory was in 1983 when India defeated West Indies in the final, followed by the 2011 victory against Sri Lanka). This will bring us one step closer to breaking Australia’s record as the most successful team with five trophies. Dua Lipa promises even more excitement in her upcoming performance at the tournament. As we count down to the final days, we’ve compiled a mixtape of seven songs that we hope will be on the setlist:

Fully prepared to release her third album, Dua Lipa entertained fans earlier this month with the release of the lead single, ‘Houdini.’ The singer has crafted a style of new-disco electronic pop music that is both appealing and instantly recognizable. We are eagerly awaiting the rest of the album to see which of the 97 songs written during the preparation made the cut.

Written and recorded in a single day at a studio in Notting Hill, Dua Lipa blessed her second-year album with the synth track ‘Levitating,’ inspired by extraterrestrial space. We can’t determine whether the credit for the tune’s appeal goes to the bass groove or the fact that musicians had already performed tarot card readings to channel inspirational energy.”

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