Bomb threats were reported in as many as 48 schools in Bengaluru through anonymous emails. As a precautionary measure, students and staff have been evacuated.

In Bangalore, at least 48 schools received threatening emails about bombs, leading students and staff to evacuate. As soon as parents learned about the incident, they rushed to the schools to bring their children back home safely. The email claimed that explosive devices had been planted on the school premises. Upon receiving a call from the command center, our teams were immediately dispatched to schools located in various parts of the city.

A senior police officer, citing PTI news agency, stated, “All students and staff have been safely evacuated from the school premises, and a thorough search operation is underway.” So far, nothing suspicious has been found, and the initial impression suggests a false threat. They assured parents not to worry, as their teams are on the ground.

In response to the bomb threats, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah stated, “Security measures have been taken, and there is no need for parents to worry.” He further directed the police to inspect schools and enhance security, urging parents to remain calm during this time.

The police will conduct an investigation, and I have instructed them to do so. Security measures have been taken, and there is no need for parents to worry. I have directed the police to inspect schools and enhance security. The Chief Minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah, stated that the police department has received an initial report.

In another update, Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister D.K. Shivakumar assured parents of school children in Bangalore that the threatening emails were hoaxes, and there is no need to panic. The cybercrime department will take swift action to resolve the situation.

Initially, the Bangalore Police Commissioner mentioned that several anti-sabotage teams were sent for the inspection of school premises. He further stated that the threatening messages sent via email to many schools in the city indicate a false call, though every possible effort will be made to identify the sender.

In a tweet, the Police Commissioner wrote, “Some schools in the city received ‘bomb threat’ calls through intimidating emails today. Our bomb detection team is investigating. So far, these seem to be false calls. However, all steps will be taken to identify the person sending the email.”

According to an India Today report, schools in Basaveshwar Nagar, near the residences of Nepal, Vidya Shilpa, and Deputy CM, were among those that received bomb threats via email.

D.K. Shivakumar also visited a school in Bangalore and said, “After watching the news on TV, I was a bit disappointed because I know some schools, and schools near my house were also mentioned. So, I went out to investigate. The police showed me the email. Initially, it seems to be a fake (hoax). I spoke to the police… but we need to stay alert. Parents are a bit worried, no need to worry. The police are looking into it,” he said.

Later, in a tweet, he shared an update, stating, “In view of receiving bomb threats through email to some schools in Bangalore, visited and inspected the N.E.V. School in Sadashivanagar. Police officials have briefed me on the incident, and directions have been given for a proper investigation.”

Karnataka Home Minister Dr. G. Parameshwara said, “Currently, we have information about 15 schools where threatening emails have been received; such threats were also received last year. We cannot take any risks; we are inspecting schools and taking action. All precautionary measures in schools. We will take strict action against those making threatening calls. We are looking into all aspects…”

NCP’s Chairperson, Priyank Kanoongo, said, “We have received information that many schools in Bangalore have received bomb threats. This is a serious concern and not the first time… Threats to schools are a clear indication that the intention is to scare the parents of the children.” He emphasized ensuring the safety and protection of children and bringing it to the notice of the commissioner, urging them to ensure the safety of children and investigate the reasons behind such threats.

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