Perfect PC Case Discovery came to an give up whilst a few weeks ago, my gaze fell upon the Asus Prime AP201. When I had plans to construct my new gaming PC, correct airflow and a compact form aspect had been on the top of my list of concerns, and this unique microATX case met those expectations and delivered at simply $eighty. While it can no longer be on par with options like MSI MAG Forge 112R or Corsair 4000D Airflow, which can be known for the first-rate PC cases offers, it gives numerous extremely good functions, in my opinion, making it a amazing small tower for 2023.

With aid for as much as 360mm radiators, plenty of mesh fittings for airflow, and enough clearance for GPU coolers, the Prime AP201 is one of the exceptional small towers in my e book. Oh, it additionally is available in white and gives both tempered glass and mesh side panel options, supplying you with a very good desire to healthy your aesthetics.

Affordable and easy to buy Asus

The Asus Prime AP201 case begins at ₹5526.65 for the black model with mesh aspect panels in the US, but it could be discovered for as little as ₹4835.Ninety two with reductions. This makes it greater budget-friendly in comparison to maximum PC instances, so even in case you’re on a good budget, it’s a very good option to recall.

The white model with mesh facet panels proven in this assessment sells for  ₹5872.43. If that is your fashion, you can additionally get them with tempered glass (TG) facet panels for an extra ₹345.78 based on list costs. Note that on the time of getting ready this evaluation, both Amazon and Newegg had stock of each colorings and aspect-panel options, so make sure to test them out.

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Excellent Spatial and Efficiency

At first look, the Asus Prime AP201 cooler looks just like the Cooler Master NR200P, that is a totally famous mini-ITX case. The similarity right here is uncanny, mainly on this white shade, and indeed, one of the fundamental motives I selected this situation for my build. I constantly wanted to construct interior an NR200P, however the idea of cramming a mini-ITX construct together had me frustrated.

Although the AP201 is an mATX case, it has greater quantity as compared to normal SFF cases, making it easy to work with. As you may see, the design is very minimal, with all-round mesh panels and a easy border. The tempered glass model without a doubt swaps the single-side mesh with TG panels, so I’d say it seems easy and simple.

One element I like approximately the mesh side panel is that it really works well for each non-RGB and RGB builds alike. Buildings without RGB lights will truly appearance sleek and minimum, but even if you have some lighting, they’ll appearance awesome as it lets in you to look the lights via the ventilation pattern.

The Asus Prime AP201 has a 33-liter footprint, that’s notably less than your average mid-tower instances. However, in spite of its compact footprint, it provides outstanding ventilation and strong guide for cooling. First, it comprises up to 180mm lengthy ATX power components, which means you might not have to fear about getting an luxurious SFX PSU for this case; it’s more than enough. The fact is that you don’t have to strain approximately shopping for a steeply-priced SFX PSU for this situation, that is outstanding. In unique, it helps an excellent portion, if no longer all, of the ATX PSUs to be had inside the market.

The case offers clearance for pics cards up to 338mm lengthy and CPU coolers up to 170mm long. Yes, it could comfortably accommodate a Noctua NH-D15, which offers you an concept of ways massive it’s far.

Depending on your selected variation, you get either a mesh-ventilated steel aspect panel or a tempered glass one for the primary aspect panel. Whether you opt for the regular or tempered glass model, the other side panel is a metallic panel with a mesh pattern. The pinnacle mesh panel helps up to a 360mm radiator, allowing you to mount 3 120mm or  140mm lovers.

The rear panel functions a trendy microATX format with cutouts for I/O, a pinnacle 120mm fan mount, and 4 growth slots. There’s no PSU cutout right here due to the fact that it is positioned on the the front panel, which houses two USB three.2 Gen 1 and one USB three.2 Gen 2 Type-C ports, headphone and microphone jacks, and an illuminated strength button. Finally, on the case’s ground, there are two mounting factors for removable dust filters for two 120mm enthusiasts or, alternatively, you can use this area for mounting your drives.

Some other extraordinary features of this example consist of space at the floor to put in three 2.5-inch/three.Five-inch drives, a pleasant array of front I/O ports, space for six 120mm lovers, and a detachable dust clear out at the lowest. However, one thing I failed to like about this case is that it handiest comes with a single 120mm exhaust fan pre-hooked up, which means that you may should spend more money on including active cooling for high-end components.

Very easy to work with.

Building in the Asus Prime AP201 mATX PC case became lots simpler than I to start with concept. Yes, cable management is probably a piece of an difficulty for the reason that pre-hooked up Velcro strips are not enough to tie up all of the cables, and there isn’t an awful lot room behind the motherboard tray to route additional cables. That being said, I didn’t come across any issues while installing components.

Inside this example, I presently have a build with a 32GB DDR5 RAM, an AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D CPU, a Gigabyte GeForce RTX 4070 Ti WINDFORCE OC GPU, and a Gigabyte B650M Gaming X AX motherboard. I’m cooling the CPU with a Cooler Master MasterLiquid 240L Core AIO cooler, with its radiator established on the top. Although the chassis is not as huge as everyday ATX instances, I’d say it gives plenty of room for sports, and you should have no hassle installing additives.

I advocate eliminating the beauty cowl plate at the edge whilst putting in additives to make it less complicated to get entry to the inner compartment. However, consider to place it again as soon as you have finished your construct as it facilitates hide cables from the PSU and the front I/O ports. From there, you simply need to mount the PSU at the covered bracket and route the cables. I enormously advise getting a modular power supply for this situation as looking to route/cover cables in the case may be difficult otherwise.

Given the inclusion of a 120mm exhaust fan, the thermal overall performance inside this example ought to be adequate for rather low-end builds. However, in case you’re planning to apply this example for mid-to-excessive-cease gaming or manufacturing builds, I’d suggest budgeting for including some case lovers for cooling. There is space for some 2.Five-inch or three.5-inch drives at the ground, but in case you, like me, add bottom fans, it might be a piece difficult to work with them.

If you’re inside the market for an mATX case that may not break the bank, Cooler Master’s Q300L V2 is a good option. It’s to be had on Amazon for $60, but it most effective comes in one colour and would not offer the same stage of clearance or radiator guide. The Lian Li O11 Air Mini is likewise a terrific option, coming with many capabilities, however it is priced over $100, and it is tremendously massive as compared to different mATX cases. Instead, remember continually buying an ATX case, but preserve in thoughts that ATX/mid-tower cases will absorb loads greater space in your desk.

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