Our campaign has ignited a movement that has been simmering for years,  Mr. Kennedy said.Amid applause, Mr. Kennedy told his supporters that they’re proclaiming freedom from an extended listing of alleged adversaries.  Wall Street, Big Tech, Big Pharma ,navy-business complicated ,mainstream media, cancel tradition, each predominant political parties, and the entire rigged machine.

He has constructed a base of aid amongst disaffected voters across the political spectrum, but a few Democrats are involved that he poses the largest threat to their party, fearing that any unbiased or 1/3-celebration candidacy could siphon votes faraway from Mr. Biden.

Robert F. Kennedy

Just a brief time after joining the race, Mr. Kennedy has polled as high as 20 percent in some surveys  a sign of the desire among a few citizens for an opportunity to Mr. Biden’s options on a grand scale. While his numbers have decreased in current months, his marketing campaign, that is as much rooted in nostalgia for his political dynasty as it is focused on skepticism about technology and political established order, maintains to attraction to a spot of disappointed and unbiased Democrats.

The Republican National Committee, expressing its concerns approximately Mr. Kennedy, sent an e mail on Monday titled 23 Reasons to Oppose R.F.K. Jr., list the ways wherein he has aligned with Democrats in the past, such as his file of opposing mandatory vaccination.

Monday’s event drew supporters from throughout the political spectrum.

Sean Gleeson, a retired country trooper from New Jersey who’s a registered Republican and a two-time Trump voter, said he deliberate to depart the birthday celebration and vote for Mr. Kennedy. Mr. Gleeson said he helps Mr. Kennedy due to the fact I suppose he is telling the fact, even though it’s something humans don’t want to pay attention.

Rebecca Briggs, a 60-year-antique fitness educator and vitamins expert from Rhode Island, said she became a registered Democrat and had voted for Mr. Biden in 2020, because I failed to want Trump however I didn’t really want any of them.She stated she changed into ready to leave the celebration to support Mr. Kennedy.

I turned into afraid to tell humansĀ  I became fearful of the reaction, she stated. I’m going forward with courage.

In the realm of American politics, the announcement made by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to run as an independent candidate in the 2024 presidential election has injected a sense of excitement and unpredictability. The Kennedy name, synonymous with political legacy, adds a unique dimension to the race.

Kennedy’s decision to break away from traditional party lines and run as an independent has garnered attention from across the nation. He represents a fresh perspective, unburdened by the constraints of party politics. His campaign has ignited hope for those seeking alternatives to the established political machinery.

With his roots in New England and a reputation as a vaccine skeptic and advocate for conspiracy theories, Kennedy’s entry into the race challenges the status quo. His presence on the campaign trail has led to intense discussions, both among his supporters and detractors.

Kennedy’s candidacy has resonated with a segment of voters disillusioned with the two major political parties. Some Democrats worry that he may siphon votes away from their nominee, while Republicans fear he could undermine their chances of a Trump comeback.

The campaign’s dynamics are evolving rapidly. Recent polls have shown Kennedy with up to 20% support among Democratic voters, indicating a significant desire for alternative options to President Biden. While Kennedy’s numbers have fluctuated in recent months, his appeal to a particular niche of disenchanted Democrats and independents remains.

The Republican National Committee, recognizing the potential threat posed by Kennedy, sent an email on Monday titled “23 Reasons to Oppose RFK Jr.,” outlining his past alliances with Democrats and his record of opposing vaccine mandates.

Kennedy’s ability to attract supporters spans the political spectrum. Retired state trooper Sean Gleason of New Jersey, a registered Republican and two-time Trump voter, had planned to leave the party and vote for Kennedy. Gleason stated, “My loyalty has run out.” He believes that Kennedy is speaking the truth, even if it’s something people don’t want to hear.

Rebecca Briggs, a health educator and nutrition specialist from Rhode Island, was a registered Democrat who voted for Ralph Nader, Barack Obama, and Jill Stein in the past. Two years ago, she heard Kennedy speak and has been a fan ever since. “He’s intelligent,” she said. “He thinks about the issues.”

Kennedy has raised two significant complaints about the Democratic National Committee. First, he claims that the DNC and D.C. have refused to accept his candidacy and have been reluctant to mention his name. In recent weeks, his campaign website made a subtle shift from “I am a Kennedy Democrat” to “I am a Kennedy American.”

The political landscape is undoubtedly shifting with Kennedy’s entry into the race. His campaign challenges conventional wisdom and offers voters an alternative perspective. As the 2024 presidential election draws closer, the Kennedy factor promises to add an element of unpredictability that could reshape American politics.

Mr. Kennedy has raised  fundamental lawsuits about the Democratic National Committee, which is helping Mr. Biden’s re-election efforts. First, he said, Mr. Biden and the birthday celebration deserted New Hampshire, the first primary country, after he won there remaining time.

Emphasizing the change of nation -where Mr. Kennedy, whose roots are in New England, has garnered assist  South Carolina, the state that stored Mr. Biden’s primary campaign in 2020.

Second, the celebration has refused to facilitate a debate between Mr. Biden and Mr. Kennedy. Mr. Biden’s campaign and the D.N.C. Have categorically declined to just accept Mr. Kennedy’s candidacy and have avoided bringing up his call.

Mr. Kennedy had teased Monday’s assertion in a video closing week, even though his campaign had stopped short of confirming that he become changing events. But just hours before taking the stage in Philadelphia, there was a subtle exchange on Mr. Kennedy’s marketing campaign internet site. Where it had once study I am a Kennedy Democrat alongside the circle of relatives call in italics, it turned into modified to. I am a Kennedy American.

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