Vivek Bindra has been accused of domestic violence by his wife Yanika Bindra. The case was registered by his brother-in-law in Noida’s Sector 126 police station.

A case has been filed against the popular motivational speaker and social media influencer Vivek Bindra. His wife, Yaneeka Bindra, has accused him of domestic violence. Vivek and Yaneeka got married on December 6th.

According to media reports, Vivek’s brother-in-law Vaibhav Kwatra filed the case on December 14th at the Sector 126 police station in Noida. The case has been registered under sections 323, 504, 427, and 325 of the IPC (Indian Penal Code).

Here’s what happened:

According to media reports, the incident took place on December 7th. There was a heated argument between Bindra and his mother Prabha. When Yaneeka tried to intervene, Bindra allegedly attacked her. According to the complaint, Yaneeka’s brother has alleged that Bindra locked his sister in a room and subjected her to verbal and physical abuse. He also claimed that due to the physical abuse, his sister has suffered severe injuries, including deep wounds on her body. Reports state that Yaneeka is undergoing treatment in the hospital. It’s mentioned that she has a ear injury, leading to a loss of hearing.

Watch the Sandeep Maheshwari video in response to Vivek Bindra

Recently, Bindra was seen in a debate with popular YouTuber and speaker Sandeep Maheshwari. Maheshwari shared a video on his channel discussing a business course. During the conversation, students taking the course openly talked about the details. When Maheshwari learned about the fee structure and results, he labeled it as a ‘scam.’ After the video went viral, people began to believe that this controversy was involving someone other than Bindra.

Shortly after, Maheshwari claimed that there was pressure to remove the video. However, contrary to expectations, the video received more support as people expressed their solidarity with Maheshwari and requested him not to take it down. In response to the entire situation, Bindra also provided a response and shared a ‘response video’ titled ‘The Biggest Controversy Ever.’

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