Puneeri Paltan Triumphs Over Jaipur Pink Panthers by 37-33: A Thrilling Pro Kabaddi Showdown

Arjun put up a valiant effort to bring his side back into the game, but there was little he could do as Aslam brought up his Super 10 and led Puneeri Paltan to victory on his captaincy debut.

Ahmedabad: Puneeri Paltan delivered a spectacular all-around performance on Monday at Ahmedabad’s EKA Arena, defeating defending champions Jaipur Pink Panthers 37-33. Arjun Deshwal (17 points) and Aslam Inamdar (10 points) were the standout performers of the day.

Puneeri Paltan started strong, taking a 6-3 lead when Iranian all-rounder Mohammadreza Shadloui Chiyaneh trapped Ajit Kumar in the sixth minute. However, Panthers made a comeback through their raiders. Arjun Puneeri posed a constant threat to the Panthers’ defense, and in the 14th minute, he produced a brilliant raid, eliminating Abhishek Nadaarajan and Mohit Goyat to secure an all-out.

Panthers had a good lead of 14-10, marking their first lead in the game. Arjun continued his excellent performance, securing points in the next three raids, ensuring Panthers maintained their four-point lead at halftime.

Arjun began the second half where he left off, scoring two points in the first raid, marking his 36th Super 10 of the PKL career. As it seemed Panthers were gaining momentum, Puneeri Paltan put up a strong fight. Aslam reduced opposition with a two-point raid, and then Shadloui took out Arjun with a robust tackle.

With 25 minutes into the game, Puneeri Paltan narrowed the gap to 21-23. Aslam’s successful raids and a significant tackle by Sanket Sawant on Ajit leveled the score to 25-25 in the 30th minute.

The orange-clad team continued to score points consecutively, with another all-out earned through a tackle and a smart pursuit raid, giving Puneeri Paltan an additional advantage. Puneeri Paltan secured a healthy lead of six points with five minutes remaining.

Arjun made valiant efforts to bring his team back into the game, but Aslam’s Super 10 and a strong start in Puneeri Paltan’s captaincy secured the victory for Puneeri Paltan as the game concluded.

In the end, it was a thrilling match with Puneeri Paltan showcasing resilience and teamwork, ultimately securing a well-deserved victory against the formidable Jaipur Pink Panthers. The dynamic performances and strategic plays by key players contributed to the entertaining spectacle for fans.

The match remained intense until the last moments, with Arjun Deshwal attempting to rally his team with commendable efforts. However, Aslam’s Super 10 and exemplary leadership in the initial moments of Puneeri Paltan’s captaincy ensured a triumphant end for the team.

The orange-clad squad displayed remarkable coordination, capitalizing on Shadloui’s consistent points determination and Aslam’s strategic raids. The last five minutes saw Puneeri Paltan maintaining their lead, strategically managing the clock and securing additional points through well-executed tackles and raids.

As the final whistle blew, the EKA Arena echoed with cheers from Puneeri Paltan fans, celebrating the team’s resilience and strategic prowess. The victory not only added crucial points to Puneeri Paltan’s Pro Kabaddi League standings but also showcased their potential as serious contenders for the championship.

In the post-match analysis, Arjun’s exceptional performance, coupled with Aslam’s impactful Super 10, received praise from experts and fans alike. The match unfolded as a rollercoaster of emotions, keeping spectators on the edge of their seats until the very end.

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